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The Deli Price list

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Product Price Measure  
Cooked Meats
Ham 100g £1.40 each Qty:
Pork 100g £1.40 each Qty:
Beef 100g £1.50 each Qty:
Turkey (breast) 100g £1.50 each Qty:
Ox Tongue 100g £1.20 each Qty:
Corned Beef 100g £1.05 each Qty:
Faggots £0.75 each Qty:
Black Pudding £4.80 per kg Qty:
Chorizo 100g £1.70 each Qty:
Salami (Danish) 100g £0.95 each Qty:
Salami (Milano) 100g £1.65 each Qty:
Panchetta 100g £1.60 each Qty:
Napoli Salami per 100g £1.65 each Qty:
Pork Scratchings £0.98 per pack Qty:
Parma Ham 100g £3.20 each Qty:
Pate Ardens course 100g £1.20 each Qty:
Pate Chicken Liver 100g £1.50 each Qty:
Pate Duck smooth 100g £1.50 each Qty:
Brussels Pate 100g £1.20 each Qty:
Cropwell Stilton £15.90 per kg Qty:
Warwickscire truckle (fowlers) £16.99 per kg Qty:
Warwickscire smoked truckle (fowlers) £18.99 per kg Qty:
Traditional Red Leicester (Hoe Stevenson) £17.99 per kg Qty:
Black Bomber (creamy Welsh mature) Cheddar of the year £19.99 per kg Qty:
Somerset Brie £15.99 per kg Qty:
Hard goats cheese (Glastonbury) £19.90 per kg Qty:
Wensleydale £14.00 per kg Qty:
Soft goats cheese £13.50 per kg Qty:
Cambazola £22.00 per kg Qty:
Manchago £19.90 per kg Qty:
Extra Mature (Horlicks farms-not to strong) £10.80 per kg Qty:
Feta greek £14.40 per kg Qty:
Cheshire £18.00 per kg Qty:
Wake farm medium cheddar £10.50 each Qty:
Fowlers Garlic& Parsley £15.00 per kg Qty:
Fowlers Onion & chive £15.00 per kg Qty:
Fowlers Sage Derby £15.00 per kg Qty:
Hereford Hop £18.99 per kg Qty:
Butter £2.00 each Qty:
Bread Rolls
1lb Pork Pie (made in store) £4.20 each Qty:
6 lb catering Pork Pie £17.00 each Qty:
6 lb catering pie with egg £17.00 each Qty:
Large family Steak & Kidney (made in store) £5.90 each Qty:
Large family Steak & ale homemade £5.99 each Qty:
Large family Chicken & Ham ( homemade) £5.50 each Qty:
Chicken and mushroom (family) £5.50 each Qty:
Devon Pasty £2.80 each Qty:
Coleslaw Tub £2.00 each Qty:
Game pie 1lb (made in store) £4.50 each Qty:
Game pie 3lb (made in store) £12.00 each Qty:
Pork pie 3lb (made in store) £10.00 each Qty:


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