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Christmas Specials Price list

Please find the pricelist for Christmas Specials below, once you have completed your order please click 'Complete Order' on the right hand side

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Christmas offers
Fresh Turkeys (white) from 4.5kg - 7 kg £13.00 per kg Qty:
Turkeys (bronze) 5 kg. to.10 kg £15.00 per kg Qty:
Cockerel 3.5kg - 6kg £11.00 per kg Qty:
Greasingham duck (2kg-2.5kg-3kg) £9.50 per kg Qty:
Goose (4 - 6.5kg) £18.00 per kg Qty:
Rolled Turkey Breast (crown) 2kg - 6.5kg £12.00 per kg Qty:
White Turkeys (7kg - 10kg ) £12.00 per kg Qty:
Cooked Ham jts 1kg-6kg (all cooked in store with no added water) £14.00 per kg Qty:
Pickled Ox Tongues aprox wt 1kg £6.50 per kg Qty:
Rolled Venison Haunch 1kg-5kg (local) £18.00 per kg Qty:
Venison Cubes (local) £13.50 per kg Qty:
Rib of Beef (bone in)1.5kg / 6kg £15.90 per kg Qty:
Rolled Sirloin £21.99 per kg Qty:
Pheasants £4.00 each Qty:
Mallard (wild duck) £5.00 each Qty:
Partridge £4.00 each Qty:
Pickled Brisket £10.90 per kg Qty:
Pickled Silverside £12.99 per kg Qty:
Rolled Leg Pork (old spot) £8.00 per kg Qty:
Horseshoe gammon joints 1- 6 kg (English dry cure ) £8.00 per kg Qty:
Pheasant breasts (boneless) £1.50 each Qty:
1 lb Turkey with Cranberries £7.50 each Qty:
Pork pie with egg (any wt cut) £8.00 per kg Qty:
Pork Pie 1 lb (made in store) £5.00 each Qty:
Pork Pie 2lb (made in store) £12.00 each Qty:
Chipolata sausages 500g pack (made in store) £4.50 each Qty:
Streaky Bacon plain 1 lb pack £4.50 each Qty:
Streaky Bacon Smoked 1lb pack £4.70 each Qty:
1lb Game pie (made in store) £9.00 each Qty:
2lb Game Pie (made in store) £18.00 each Qty:
Goose fat 320g jar £3.50 each Qty:
Chicken livers 500g pack £3.00 each Qty:
Sausage meat tubes plain 1lb (made in store) £4.00 each Qty:
Pigs in blankets 500g (approx 10) £5.00 each Qty:
Sausage meat Cumberland 1lb tube £4.00 each Qty:
Venison loin rolled £26.00 per kg Qty:
Duck fat jar £4.50 each Qty:
Gluten free sausage meat tube 500g £4.00 each Qty:
Gluten free sausages 500g £4.50 each Qty:
1- Christmas Hamper 2.5 kg Turkey crown (boneless) 2kg Gammon jt 1.5 kg Topside jt. 1lb Back Bacon. 1lb Thin Sausage. 1lb Pork Pie. £75.00 each Qty:
2-Christmas Hamper. 2kg Turkey Crown. 2kg Cooked Ham jt. 2kg Leg Pork jt. 2ld Sausage. 1lb Streaky. 1lb. Back Bacon. 1lb Sausage Meat. 1lb Pork Pie £84.00 each Qty:


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